Thursday the 20th

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Thursday the 20th

Post  Valkyl on Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:45 am

None of the cabin crew were able to get of work thursday so we can't really be in charge of anything during the day pig

BUT... we still have a semi-plan What a Face

The brits will hang out in the Valby area in my flat with Staffy. Anyone bored and wanna do stuff in the afternoon, give Staffy a call (53 80 53 90).

Dinner: Staffy with brits will figure out where to go eat. Throw him a text if you know you wanna join, so he has an idea of how many people are joining in! Will probably be in the Valby area..

Drinking: This is where Staffy is off telephone duty and I'll take over! We don't know yet where we wanna go, will figure that out during dinner. But text me (22 13 87 89) if you wanna join in and we say when and where at some point What a Face
(Probably Biobar if people want cheap beers!)

For people arriving in the evening: Jake will know where you're supposed to sleep, so he'll write something about picking people up when he get's the time.

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