Friday the 21th

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Friday the 21th

Post  Valkyl on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:16 am

Brunch??: somewhere around 10-11ish? Sagi, Neppy, Sessi and myself are in the cabin, and the rest of the cabin crew aren't free till after 12, where they would like to arrange a tour of the canals in CPH.
But it's always nice to meet up for breakfast, and taking Cims belly into consideration it should probably be in Valby as well. So either going out or homemade (you're welcome to use my flat again which should be undergoing a british invasion). Plans for this will probably be made during thursday evening

Canal Tours: These are a great way to hang out and experience the city! They are 40 dkr, and Jake (25 39 59 86) and Torsyg (72 20 21 50) will meet you at Nyhavn at 13:00 (1 pm What a Face ). People can also be at Torsyg place 30 mins prior if they're not sure about the way and want to tag along with him.
Nyhavn meeting point:

15:00: Canal tour should be done. People start moving back to either Torsygs place and change into costumes or back to where they are staying to get things and move to Torsygs/stay and get dressed and meet people later

17:00: Everybody meets up at Copenhagen Central Station. Below the clock as always!
We'll be at the cabin around 19ish. Tickets are taken care of. Bring your own transportationbeers!.

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