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The Cabin Trip Bible

What the hell is this....?!
The Cabin Trip is organized by a group of crazy danes. Once they were all a bunch of students making these cabin trips for the new freshmen starting university, but now they’ve all gotten old (though not grown up!) and are students no more. But the awesomeness of cabin trips should of course continue and so the focus shifted from freshmen to guildies!

The Cabin Trip is an annual event in The Phoenix Legends Community. It usually takes place from friday-sunday somewhere in august-october in a cabin far far away (in Denmark). Everyone in the community is invited and if we have extra room in the cabin we invite friends along whom we think will fit nicely into the group.
We put a lot of effort into making sure the Cabin Trip is for everyone, whether you want to party hard or not party at all, hang out with your friends, relax, play board games or fun out doorsy games or just chill out in the sun and see new faces. A lot of people have attended several Cabin Trips but we also have newcomers to the trip every year and it’s such a delight adding a new face to a familiar ventrilo voice! It can be quite surprising how quickly people get along and act like they’ve known each other forever when they only just met a few times before, but that is just one of the things that makes the Cabin Trips so wonderful. It’s a weekend with amazing people and we encourage old dogs as well as brand new members to be a part of it!

Sign ups
This years signups have been in a post on the phoenix forum. As always your place is never safe untill we have recieved payment from you. As soon as we get it, you'll be confirmed and no one can take away your cabin fun now!

Usually we’ll make a facebook event as well, but sign ups in this event does not mean you have a reserved spot. The facebook event is merely to remind people, add it to peoples facebook calendars and to start the hype Smile

All about the money

The cost for the Cabin Trip is The cost for this year's cabin trip is 600 DDK (~80 € / 63 £).

Torsyg handles all payments, which should be transfered to his danish acount: 0400 4015606636 (include PL and a name)

All non danes can transfer via paypal. Write an email (tlo (a) teknologisk.dk) or PM Torsyg with your email adress, and paypal info will be sent you as soon as possible.

Information - where is it hidden?!
All information from the Cabin Crew will be posted in the subforum 'Anouncements'. You can't reply to the posts in that particular forum, so put your questions here in the questions forum, and answers will come flying your way What a Face

Several people arrive from far far away and would like to stay in Copenhagen a few days before and/or after the Cabin Trip. We try to find accomodations for everyone in our homes so cabin attendees are never forced to spend nights in pricey hotels. People are devided into groups with 2-4 people and are then crashing with guildies who volunteered for visitors.

Jakob is responsible for this puzzle this year so if you can email him if you're in doubt of anything (jakob (a) udsholt.dk). If you need a place to stay make a post in this topic http://plcabintrip.forum-express.com/t10-for-foreigners-and-other-people-from-far-far-away
And people living in Copenhagen and craving visitors should post there as well and write how many people you can have staying at your place.

Food and drinks
All food will be provided for you at the cabin. We devide the whole bunch into kitchen teams so everyone will help out with either dishes or preparing meals during the weekend. We will have diffenrent kind of fruit snacks, but if you're one of those people who really crave your candy you should bring it along yourself What a Face
As for drinks we have ordered a bunch of beer, sodas and chocolatemilk for all of you. Drinks aren't included in the 600 DDK so remember to bring some cash (danish) as we pay the beerguy on the sunday when we're leaving the cabin. We haven't gotten the new prices yet, but guessing beers will be around 5 DDK, sodas (0,5L) 5-6 DDK and chocolatemilk (0,5L) 10-12 DDK.
We have a system where people put a mark beside their name whenever they take a beverage and in the end we'll add everything up and round up the money while we clean the cabin on the sunday.
If you want something else to drink (wine, vodka, ciders ect) you should bring it yourself.

At the Cabin....
So what do we actually do in these cabin trips? Maybe you can only remember the hangovers, but we actually do more than that Shocked
The cabin crew plan activities throughout the weekend. Not that you don't have any spare time for chillin' but we always have something good in store for these weekends.
Friday is really laid back. During the afternoon + evening we only have a few get-together games and after that just let people get to know each other (again) in their own pace. But it is also the day (night!) for the famous Night Run! Somewhere in the begining of the night we send people out on adventures to solve different quest we've prepared. Most people are still awake, but are you one of those early sleepers don't worry, we will of course yank you out of bed (very lovingly of course!) so you can join all the fun.
Saturday is for chillin'. And just when you think you can't chill no more we'll pull out our big bag of fun and whip up more activities and games for all of us! That's during the afternoon. In the evening we have a very nice dinner and, unless stated otherwise, we hope to see people in their fantastic costumes again for this meal. After dinner everything is free play till sunday morning when the punishment arrives (aka cleaning the cabin). Normally we're done with this around 12-13ish sunday afternoon and then it's back to Copenhagen!

The day after
So....it's sunday afternoon and we're all standing confused in the middle of Copenhagen and really don't wanna leave each other just yet. What to do, what to do? It has become a tradition with a movie marathon at Sagi and Torstens place in central Copenhagen. Everyone is welcome, all we do is lying around eating pizza and watching movies. Some people go home with their luggage first and then come by, most just go straight to the flat and hang out. Last year we were 14 for the event, and it's always a great way to end the weekend and nice to see people off like this.


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